Certificates of origin

When you import or export goods, certificates (eg. ATR or EUR-1) are sometimes required. We know which certificates you need and can arrange them quickly for you.

Necessary certificates arranged quickly

The inability to present the correct certificates will cause delays. Ultimately, the goods can even be refused. This is obviously something you want to avoid.

We map which certificates are needed. This depends on the destination and the type of product. We have direct digital contact with the Chamber of Commerce for the issuing of certificates. This saves time and costs for your company.

There are two reasons why certificates of origin are needed:


In order to import, the receiver in the country of destination must prove where the goods have come from or originate from. Nothing can be imported without a certificate. An example of this is a CO (Certificate of Origin)


The receiver in the country of destination pays less or no import duties when a certificate is produced. An example of a certificate of origin is an ATR certificate for shipments to Turkey. An example of a certificate of origin is a EUR-1 certificate.

Would you like to know whether you need any certificates for your goods, or do you have any questions regarding this topic? Do not hesitate to contact us free of obligation. We are happy to help.

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