We arrange your transit documents. You will need these when your goods arrive in a European port but have not yet been released into free circulation.

Drawing up transit documents

Do you have goods that are under customs supervision and would you like to transport these to a different destination via the European Union? Customs clearance of the goods does not have to take place immediately. They can be transported on to the place of destination provided that you have the correct transit documents. We arrange the documents for you. And we do it quickly.

Usually, surety must be provided on transit documents in order to limit the risk for customs, but if you involve us this is not necessary. This is because we have an AEO permit.

We ensure that the administration concerning the transit is well-organised. Import duties (and VAT) do not have to be paid. This benefits your cash flow.

Do you need transit documents, or do you have any questions regarding this topic? Do not hesitate to contact us free of obligation. We are happy to help.

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"As a customs agent, we deal with all your customs matters efficiently. We ensure that the entire process runs smoothly, so your business can continue problem-free."
Bas Verschuren | Commercieel Manager