Fiscal representation

Is your company based outside the Netherlands but would you like to import goods? As a restricted or general fiscal representative, we are able to reverse charge the VAT on import and deal with your VAT administration for you. Besides saving you a lot of hassle, this also saves liquid assets.

Carefree VAT administration for international business through fiscal representation

On the import of goods into the EU you have to pay VAT, which means that importing goods can be a significant load on the cash flow of your company. By shifting the VAT on import via the VAT return, you don't owe VAT on import as a foreign company.

In addition to convenience, this solution also offers a financing advantage. Otentic Customs takes care of the entire VAT administration for our customers by means of fiscal representation.

Fiscal representation

No Dutch VAT number, but still take advantage of the tax benefits?

Entrepreneurs established in the Netherlands and who regularly import goods from outside the EU can apply for an Article 23 permit. This permit prevents VAT from having to be paid on import. Entrepreneurs in other EU member states as well as non-EU member states can also use the Dutch system, so that they do not have to pay import VAT. Otentic Customs may represent your company as a tax representative and take over the VAT obligation from you.

We are registered with the Tax Authorities (De Belastingdienst) as a tax representative with limited license and, depending on the activities, can also act as your general tax representative.

The benefits of Otentic Customs:

  • We take care of the complete VAT administration, declaration & obligations
  • We provide (International) VAT consulting
  • We act as Limited Fiscal Representative or General Fiscal Representative.

General fiscal representation

A General Tax Representative (AFV) represents on behalf of the foreign entrepreneur all deliveries which are due in the Netherlands VAT. When Otentic Customs acts as an AFV, you don't have to immerse yourself in Dutch laws and regulations. We require a personal license and VAT registration number for you. Article 23 applies by default to your own VAT number. As a result, you do not owe VAT at the time of import and you can achieve a huge liquidity advantage.

Tax representation with limited license

As a Limited Fiscal Representative (BFV) we can only represent the import of goods and subsequent deliveries to business addresses. This means we are responsible for the VAT on import. In this case we don't need to apply for our own permit and VAT number for customers, but we use a sub-number under our own permit to represent the foreign company.

Limited Fiscal Representation is possible in all Member States of the European Union. In a transit country like the Netherlands, we benefit considerably from this. Epecially in transit to Germany. Goods for a German importer that are imported directly into Germany via Hamburg are taxed with import VAT. If the same goods are cleared through Rotterdam, then no import VAT has to be paid. This gives the importer a great liquidity advantage.

fiscal representation Netherlands

Would you like to know more about tax representation by Otentic Customs?

We are happy to tell you how you can get the most out of the import of your goods into the EU. As a fiscal agent we are aware of all regulations and we have the required permits to act as a tax representative for your company.

Would you like to know more about this topic? Fel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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